Serendipitously born on 10/10/00 with the 10th letter of the alphabet for each of my initials, I've been making magic with the universe for 22 years.

While the search for one's destined purpose is a lifelong journey, I believe mine is to build solutions to the world's most compelling & pervasive problems in hopes of bringing aeons of future prosperity to humanity.

Bold, but benevolent.


As a child I formed a habit of asking the tough questions in life, constantly peeling away the layers of the reality unfolding around me. Drawn to cameras & digital media, I started interpreting the world through a lens at 12. From 13-17, I carried golf bags for the 1% to fund my camera equipment, and I used the business knowledge I gained on the golf course paired with the work ethic I earned as an all-state track athlete to found my first company at 18.


For any young, non-heteronormative person, the process of "coming out" is a critical turning point in life. This is especially true if you find yourself growing up in the city with the second-highest density of churches per capita in the United States:

my suburban hometown of Wheaton, IL. 

Despite being densely surrounded by in-the-box thinkers in my hometown, I broke free from both the closet and the preconceived box in my mind at the age of 18. That year came with rapid growth as I began to deconstruct many of the things I once believed to be true and looked to new horizons for wisdom—  J³ was born.

And now, one undergraduate degree and dozens of failures later, I reflect fondly on what I've learned and stand ready to embrace the future with vigor. I find the most joy in exploring the intersection of enterprise and social impact, and I'm particularly interested in applying Human-Centered Marketing & Category Design Thinking to my business practice. 

Your potential is unbounded if you simply think outside the cube.

For more about my work, venture within.